Interview With One of Dr. Maupin’s Favorite BioBalance Pellet Patients Marcia Behr

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BioBalance Health patient Marcia Behr describes her life before and after hormone pellets.

There are many reasons I treasure Marcia Behr as one of my favorite BioBalance pellet patients: Marcia came to me miserable and desperate to be healthy and get her sex life back as well as her health and body,  and she listened to all my advice, and worked hard at all of the tasks that only she could do to make the most of her testosterone and estradiol pellets, so she could get her life back; Marcia did not get results easily, but she never lost her positive spirit to get better; Marcia has a mission in life to help children with music and she put this calling into action by becoming a dedicated Music Therapist for Special ED children. She changed the lives of Special Ed children in Missouri when she proposed and passed legislation to make it required that every special ed child be evaluated to see if music therapy might help them develop; Lastly and most importantly, Marcia has a great sense of humor and hunger for an active life no matter how old she gets!

In our interview, Marcia told us about her life before pellets, when symptoms of aging snuck up on her and her sex drive faded, she was fatigued, and gained 20 pounds and she felt her “light” go out.  She told me about how the changes in her caused many problems with her husband even though he is very understanding, since he is quite a bit younger than her, and he couldn’t understand what had happened.  When she got her sex life back right before the holidays 6 years ago, they gave that event a pet name for that special Christmas when she came alive again.

I brought up that she was a good example of understanding the relationship between a patient and her doctor: good relationship between a doctor and patient requires that both parties want the patient to get better. The patient must have the intention to get better, to do her part to follow instructions and do as the doctor asks, and the doctor must have the intention to heal the patient. If either piece of these two elements don’t exist, there will not be a successful outcome to the treatment, or cure.  These two requirements are what both Marcia and I worked on, and we achieved an excellent result!

Now when Marcia and John go out, no one can believe that she is 65 and he is 62, because they dance like they are 35 and look like it too.  If you don’t believe me, tune into my Healthcast #566 on You Tube and see for yourself!

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