Interview with one of Dr. Maupin’s BioBalance® Pellet Patients John Behr

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BioBalance Health patient John Behr describes his experiences with hormone replacement therapy from BioBalance Health.

John Behr is the husband of my patient, Marcia Behr, who I interviewed last week about her success with BioBalance® Testosterone and Estradiol Pellets, who told me that her marriage had been positively improved after she had her consultation with me and had her pellets inserted six years ago.  John watched the amazing improvement in Marcia in her energy, her beauty and her sex drive and he was impressed with the “fountain of youth” that pellets provided for her, but six years ago he didn’t feel like he was aging or losing energy or sexuality, so he was a bystander continually amazed with her renewed health.

John told us that a year and a half ago he was having trouble with his libido and energy, so he started investigating a variety of sources of information about the benefits of testosterone to the health of aging men. He is a mechanical engineer by training and profession, so he is a man who has to investigate everything before he makes a decision. John told me that the thing that made his decision for him was reading my book, “Got Testosterone?”.  He brought his copy to emphasize the importance of reading my book in making his decision to receive testosterone pellets.

John is a very handsome and young looking 62 years old and he is dynamic and has been the Vice President of Engineering, at both Schnucks (a regional supermarket chain) and Hussmann (a major supermarket refrigeration equipment mfr.).   He is glib and entertaining in his presentation of his experience with our office.  John saw my daughter Dr. Rachel Sullivan, for his initial consultation and had his pellets inserted immediately afterwards.

He said he started to feel the effects of testosterone pellets after 4 weeks.  He was back to his energetic active and happy self.  He told me that it was as if the clock turned backward.

















I was impressed with his understanding of male physiology, and he has had such a wonderful outcome including increased muscle mass, loss of belly fat, increased libido, and faster more effective multi-tasking.  He was back!  He said it was hard to believe he felt so much better.

In my opinion John has had such a wonderful outcome because he followed my medical advice and changed his diet to whole foods and he exercises daily, and takes his supplements as advised.   Even more importantly, he schedules his appointments for his pellets on time and has his pre-consultation blood drawn as recommended.  He is the perfect patient and exemplifies what can be achieved through replacement of testosterone with BioBalance® T Pellets as well as lifestyle changes.

John and Marcia are always looking for ways to have fun. They do all the work on their farm themselves and John prepares his land for hunting season all year long. There is always work to be done on their property.   For fun they go out to dance and have a glass of wine at a nearby restaurant.  Everyone is amazed at how young Marcia and John act and dance!  They never guess their ages are 62 (John) and 65 (Marcia).  Health is a wonderful thing and can make the rest of your life as good as the first half!

This Health cast was written and presented by Dr. Kathy Maupin, M.D., Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Expert and Author.  (314) 993-0963

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