Testosterone Replacement for Women

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Dr. Kathy Maupin and Brett Newcomb discuss a recent lecture that was delivered at the Age Management Medicine Group’s international conference on testosterone replacement therapy for women.

Shortly after my book, The Secret Female Hormone, was published last year, I was invited to speak at the Age Management Medicine Group’s (AMMG) international conference in Orlando, Florida. The AMMG wanted more representation from female physicians in their science programs, so they invited me to present. I am a physician who has been specializing in Hormone Replacement Therapy with an emphasis on Testosterone Replacement for over a dozen years. I have treated thousands of patients—both male and female. I was asked to speak from my experience with women, but also with to the increasing number of men who come to my practice.

I began my talk by sharing my personal experience with hormone loss and the challenges that it presented in my life. When I sought medical treatment that would restore me to balanced health and vigor, there weren’t any mainstream treatment options available. I received various responses, such as, ”that is just the way it happens,” “you are getting old,” and even “you are crazy, fat, and lazy.” But no one offered me any encouragement or help. I finally found a nurse who worked at my hospital who said that she had a brother that was a physician that could help me. He did. He replaced my testosterone and I experienced an almost miraculous recovery. I was so astonished that I asked him to teach me what he had done so that I could help others. He did, and my specialized practice was born.

This week on our podcast, my co-author Brett Newcomb and I are going to take some excerpts from my talk at the AMMG conference and share them with you. We want to break down the presentation and reword it into language that everyone can understand and benefit from.

Hopefully, as we go through the material, many of you will recognize the symptoms that we discuss. We want to help you realize that if you have these symptoms and traditional medical interventions have not been helpful, you shouldn’t give up. There is help out there. My hope is that if you are one of the legions of women who have been suffering from the same symptoms of aging that I suffered from, you will take this material to your physician. Encourage them to listen to the talk or to buy my book and find out whether or not the information can be used to help you receive the cure you need and deserve.

If you and or your doctor are interested in learning more, you can get our book, The Secret Female Hormone, at most major bookstores. In fact, the paper back edition is coming out this month. You can also find it electronically on most e-reader sites. Additional information for both you and your doctor can be obtained at biobalancehealth.com, or at DrKathyMaupin.com. Thanks for listening.

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