Testosterone and Sex

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Dr. Kathy Maupin and Brett Newcomb discuss hormones and sex based on a lecture Dr. Maupin delivered at the 2014 Age Management Medicine Group’s international conference. She talked about how other hormones are connected to testosterone and how they begin to change when there is a loss of testosterone.

The symptoms of aging are ones that we all come to fear as our years progress. It begins with the loss of testosterone. There is a group of doctors on the cutting edge of medicine that are fighting hard to defeat the debilitating illnesses that we develop as we age. These doctors have found that the loss of one of our natural hormones seems to be the trigger mechanism that feeds the deterioration of the human body and mind as we age.

We have managed to extend the life expectancy of the human being, but not the health expectancy. We are fighting hard every day to learn what we need to know to avoid the debilitation we have all come to expect. We want feel healthy for the entirety of our now-longer lives.

I first encountered this group of dedicated physicians when I suffered a collection of age-related illnesses in my forties. I could not sleep or lose weight, had lost my sex drive, experienced brittle bones, and had constant headaches and a sense of being mentally slow and limited.

I found a doctor who solved my problems and gave me my life back. When I had regained my health (which began almost immediately), I beseeched this doctor to teach me what he knew. Because no other doctors had a solution for me. That is when he taught me about hormone replacement therapy (HRT) that focuses on testosterone. Ever since, I’ve been practicing this therapy with women—my patients numbering in the thousands. Through the course of my practice, I have studied the different delivery systems and learned about their drawbacks and their advantages. I have chosen to practice only bioidentical pellet replacement. The other methods of testosterone replacement each have drawbacks that pellet therapy does not share.

If you read my book, The Secret Female Hormone, or if you watch/listen to these podcasts regularly, you will know that many of our patients have been able to save thousands of dollars by starting this treatment. Because hormone replacement solves so many of their symptoms and problems, they no longer have to purchase medicines and visit other doctors to treat those illnesses. In fact, for most of BioBalance Health’s patients, the cost of treatment is more than paid for by the savings they experience on drugs and doctor visits they no longer need.

This week, Brett Newcomb and I discuss many of the other hormones in your body and how they are connected to and begin to change when there is a loss of testosterone. After replacing their testosterone, many patients never experience any of these illnesses of aging again. If you have already begun to suffer from some of these illnesses, you may experience a reversal of your conditions when you receive HRT focusing on bioidentical testosterone. Read my book and take a copy of it with you to see your doctor. You will be excited and rejuvenated by what you learn is available to you. Watch and see why you no longer have to settle for being old and decrepit, paying thousands and thousands of dollars to avoid the debilitating effects of the illnesses of aging.

– Dr. Kathy Maupin

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