Do Women Need Testosterone?

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Dr. Kathy Maupin and Brett Newcomb discuss the challenges that their practice faces as they try to apply the foremost research available to help their patients feel younger through testosterone replacement therapy.

Women need and use testosterone for the same reasons and in the same ways that men do, they just do not need or use as much. Women begin to lose their testosterone as they age—about ten years before men do. I have found through my research and from my practice with thousands of patients, that replacing lost testosterone in women can return them to functional healthy lives and prevent or delay the onset of many of the diseases of aging.

I fight an uphill battle against cultural perception, medical ignorance, and marketing messages from insurance and pharmaceutical companies that men need testosterone and women do not. I have seen clear evidence that the contrary is true. I have included this evidence in my book, The Secret Female Hormone, and I have posted most of the research on my web site at

I want you and your physician to become aware of this information so that you can use it to make good decisions about your own health, and the health of those you love. Without information we are powerless. We need to change the media and the message, because we are being lied to about what we need after 40 to become whole again. Our politicians and government regulators need to be made aware of the importance of this reality, so that the rules they promulgate will reflect these new realities. Women all over the country need the same opportunity and exposure that men regularly get. By that, I mean that women who need to replace their hormones (Testosterone, in particular) will be able to do so with the support of their insurance companies and with the knowledge and encouragement of their physician. Physciians need access to the most updated information, and to not have to deal with government interference by organizations such as the DEA and the FDA.

There are so many diseases of aging that can be avoided or delayed by the appropriate and timely replacement of Testosterone. Osteopenia and Osteoporosis, the onset of dementia, the development of belly fat and obesity, the loss of mental acuity, Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia, heart disease and diabetes, and more can be positively impacted through this replacement therapy. People can prevent or delay the suffering that comes from these illnesses. Testosterone replacement therapy is not a panacea and it is not a miracle drug. It is the natural bio-identical hormone replacement of testosterone; one of our own body’s that is delivered the same way the body provides it on demand, and plentiful when we are young. Please watch the podcast and get your own copy of this information, in our book, The Secret Female Hormone, and share it with your physician.

– Dr. Kathy Maupin

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