Testosterone Replacement Is the Secret Ingredient to Reverse Aging

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The recipe to reverse aging includes hormone replacement, diet and exercise optimization, and supplementation of necessary nutrients.

There is an increase in medical news and research articles that talk about what aging Americans can do to delay the symptoms and diseases of aging. Some of the articles note lifestyle changes and exercise and or supplements that can combat aging…..but these changes alone are NOT the answer!  There is another group of news articles that state the problem that aging, and they leave the reader with the feeling that nothing can be done to prevent these symptoms and diseases.  The call “aging” an untreatable part of life, therefore when these symptoms hit doctors tell their patients, “That’s just aging! Learn to live with it!”  They rarely note the hormonal changes that are KEY to preventing the changes and diseases of aging: replacing testosterone for both men and women in a bio-identical non-oral form and replacing estradiol for women!  In reality all the lifestyle changes alone will not work to reverse aging….it is a multi-pronged approach that brings aging men and women back to health: Hormone replacement first, diet and exercise optimization and supplementation of necessary nutrients.

After treating several thousands of aging men and women over the last 40 years I can state confidently that the one key factor in staying healthy, mobile, and able to think, is the replacement of testosterone with T pellets.

The medical community shies away from stating that testosterone is key to both men and women at any age.  Why is that?  I think it is because young men who treat themselves with illegal adrenal androgens that are bought on the internet have mistakenly equated these androgen products with the pure testosterone men make in their testes and women make in their ovaries.  They are not the same and should be discussed specifically so they are not confused!  Medicine also has not accepted testosterone as a female sex hormone!  That is just an extension of the male-managed medical care in the US. Lastly the US government see older Americans as dead-weight to the society and they don’t want to make us live longer past when we are useful!  Many decisions have been made by our representatives and senators in Washington who have no idea about medicine and aren’t educated that Men and women would cost Medicare less money, not more because they would be healthier for a longer period of time. For example, Medicare warns patients not to take their thyroid medicine after they are 65!  What happens when they stop taking thyroid medicine? Patients die!

Many titles of current research articles talk the dangers of aging and then tell us we can’t do anything about it!  When a written or spoken article coming from the medical community states that the symptoms that women’s experience after age 40 is called “perimenopause” they Miss-label the period of a woman’s life between 40 and 50 with a word that means “around menopause”, when in reality all of those symptoms occur because of testosterone deficiency, not estrogen deficiency!  The word perimenopause makes doctors and patients alike think the problems of this era of life is estrogen when most of us have too much estrogen and testosterone deficiency.    Just the word “perimenopause”,implies that estrogen replacement will fix them, when more estrogen will make a woman’s bleeding problems worse, not better. secret ingredient is!  The secret label of our problem, “testosterone replacement”, is hidden from us which steers research and treatments away from the real problem….It is no wonder that experimental drugs to fix the symptoms of a woman’s decade after age 40 don’t work!

A word, or a label carries power with it, and when given the wrong name the disastrous outcomes are inevitable!

Because women begin to experience aging after 40, the sequence of events is important to get right so that we can replace what our ovaries stop producing in order of the natural hormone changes. The ovary stops making testosterone first, followed by progesterone deficiency plus estrogen dominance, with the last stage being the final one of loss of estradiol.  If this was considered by the research community, then there would be fewer worthless studies based on replacing E2 in women between age 40-50 that of course fail, and more successful studies of testosterone deficiency, that are treated with pure testosterone, and the medical health of middle-aged women would be so much less stressful, and diseases of aging would be suppressed.

I hope that when you read news articles or medical research about middle aged women with the following symptoms you will think “testosterone deficiency” not perimenopause. Testosterone loss after age 40 causes fatigue, gain of belly fat, loss of muscle, loss of sex drive, increase in autoimmune diseases and loss of motivation and ability to think logically.  The more women who know what is really wrong with them the better!

In reality, “Testosterone” can be substituted for the word “aging”. In most medical articles that discuss the problems of advancing age, the conditions that are really caused by testosterone deficiency, are given the nebulous label, symptoms of aging or the misnomer, perimenopause. By doctors and scientists calling testosterone deficiency, “aging”, or perimenopause. It implies that these symptoms can’t be treated, and women must live with them!  Sexual dysfunction, fatigue, loss of quality of life and obesity among other symptoms and diseases that happen to women between 40-55 can bet treated with T replacement.  Their choice of words put women in a position of acceptance for their symptoms instead of a powerful position to resolve these issues with replacement of one hormone–testosterone!  Ask your gynecologist for it!  You are the patient/customer, and you should be able to get what you need!

However, after spending 20 years in my BioBalance Health ®Practice replacing women’s lagging testosterone, the rent research is very encouraging to me and to my testosterone replacement practice.  BioBalance Health® LLC….More studies are done about women and their decreased sexual desire, and women who become depressed after age 40, as well as many other articles investigating the symptoms of perimenopause (low T) in women.  Most current studies state at the end of the article, that there is no treatment for these symptoms, or that estrogen is the answer, or that new expensive drugs will relieve some of the symptoms, bringing along with them many side effects.

Why am I so sure that I am right?   It is so obvious in my medical practice that testosterone is the treatment necessary to completely resolve over 20 symptoms and multiple chronic illnesses. I see the success through the results my patients experience.  Not only do women return to my office 4 months after their first dose of testosterone pellets visibly younger, healthier and thinner, their lab results improve, and their symptoms are gone!  This doesn’t happen in just a few patients, but in 95% of the thousands of patients I have treated.

But not only is the government against the healthy aging of women, the medical societies are against us too!  They determine how doctors of their specialty think, and they brainwash their members by printing misleading studies and actual lies against the treatment with testosterone.    In 2020 the Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism castigated doctors who gave women testosterone for their symptoms in their May 2020 issue, then only 5 months later in the same journal they advised the treatment of women who have sexual dysfunction can be treated successfully with Testosterone.  In the second article they stated that more than 30% of women over 40 have sexual dysfunction, and that these 30 % must be treated!  What a quick turnaround!  There are many articles in their research journal that support treating women and men with testosterone, however the doctors who are Endocrinologists must not read their journals because they have not embraced it as a medical society, so millions of women are left untreated by their endocrinologists.

The Journal of OBGYN has different problems.  They are decades behind other specialties studying hormone replacement with testosterone. One of the reasons is that they only print the research done by OBGYNs.  Other specialties do research on the sex hormones and their effect on cardiovascular disease, autoimmune disease, endocrine disease and cancer, however they are not printed in the only journal that OBGYNs endorse, and the only one OBGYNs read,the “green” journal! The very doctors who are supposed to be experts in the field of female sex hormones are informed meagerly while the other specialties do all the research, but they don’t acknowledge anything by other specialty organizations!

I understand why you may question this..in reality I am a skeptic, and generally must experience a situation myself, or witness it to embrace it. My skepticism is peaked when statistics are quoted, because there are many ways to make statistics lie.  Therefore, medical research articles are not a gold standard. Lately they have been questioning their own belief that testosterone is not needed by women.  I know what I see, and because numbers can be gerry-rigged to “prove” something that is not seen in medical practice, I don’t believe numbers that aren’t evident in my practice.   When one patient…then ten…then thousands of my patients respond to testosterone by being cured of more than 10 symptoms, then I believe…I have treated thousands of patients from all over the world and I have seen miraculous results by replacing testosterone!  But if this truth is not accepted by the whole of GYNs, then millions of women will have the quality of their post productive years stolen from them.  What about patients who don’t know what is wrong with them and believe their doctors who say that they just have to “live with the symptoms” because it is “normal aging”?


Let me give you some examples from the literature:

An article from Endocrine Today, September 2022, whose headline reads, (Low) Skeletal Muscle Mass is Linked to Cognitive Decline In Older Adults With Type 2 Diabetes.”

This article supports the fact that when people get “old” they lose their muscle mass, and when that happens then they are more likely to lose their ability to think and take care of themselves.

OK, I agree with that, and most of us who are observant of aging people say “duh, of course that’s true, but why does it happen? Is it treatable?” The research article does not offer treatment suggestions; however, I know that the answer is testosterone replacement with bio-identical pellets! Both issues plague women who are menopausal and without both estrogen and testosterone.  In my practice taking testosterone with pellets with or without estradiol can prevent these diseases that occur from years of estrogen and testosterone deprivation. Like many other research papers, this one never states how to treat the women who present to the doctors’ office with loss of muscle and cognitive decline, with or without diabetes…why can’t the PhD/MDs that write the papers put the pieces of the puzzle together?

We as doctors know that there are many symptoms and diseases of aging, but my colleagues tell patients that they have to live with it!  We should know the answer to this simple deficiency.  Aging begins with loss of testosterone and the symptoms can be treated successfully with non-oral testosterone for both men and women!

Why is this so?  A minority of doctors are like me, we link the treatment we give our patients with the outcomes that we witness.  Other doctors are no better than a computer, what they are taught in med school is what they tell their patients, and no more, whether they see improvement or not!  These two groups of doctors are different based on their phycological make up, but the memorizers (the second group) do well in medical school because they can spit back exactly the lists given to them to read and remember, however they are terrible at problem-solving because they don’t know how to use what they see every day in their office to modify the treatments they learned in med school.

So many things have changed in the last 40 years since I left medical school!  I am a problem solver and I keep learning…this leaves me open to the newest epigenetic research, the use of US and MRI for many diagnoses, and helps me discover the treatment for conditions that are only ignored by the researchers currently.

20 years that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that testosterone is a replacement is key to healthy aging without symptoms and disease.  But many Doctors repeat what they were taught in the dark ages, “You are getting old, you will have to live with it”, and turn and leave the exam room!  Many doctors did this to me as a patient after my hysterectomy, and I’m a doctor who 20 years ago was looking for a treatment for my rapid aging after my ovaries were removed.

I was told that my symptoms of low Testosterone was just aging and it is not treatable. However now, 20 years later, I read over 40 journals a week and I have thousands of medical research papers to prove that the trigger for aging is the fall of testosterone blood levels that occurs in women in their 40’s and men in their mid 50s.

Yet Testosterone deficiency is still a condition that no one seems to believe there is treatment for, and patients are told all over the country, every day to suck it up and live with it or to take multiple drugs to make them not care about their symptoms anymore, but nothing actually brings them back to health except testosterone in a non-oral form—testosterone pellets.  Sub-dermal pellets are the best global treatment for both sexes that bring us back to the way we felt when we were young!  In this form T is not dangerous or risky…it is a simple two synapse logical solution: Testosterone replaces the testosterone your ovaries or testicles made before aging started, by just giving Testosterone back to you we are replacing what you are now missing! What a concept!

It is obvious that there is one answer to treat a multitude of symptoms and illnesses we don’t have a “medically acknowledged treatment” for.  Why are we are unwilling to find a solution?  Is it because women aren’t equal to men, even in 2022 in the US? Is it because the FDA is an arm of big pharma and wants to sell multiple expensive new patentable meds to earn the most money, instead of treating many symptoms and diseases with one medication/hormone? Is it because most doctors are men and think women are just hysterical and imagine their symptoms?

I am forever reading articles about the symptoms of aging, in which the authors act like the treatment for these symptoms is a Rubic’s cube that is difficult to treat, but in reality, it is so simple, maybe too simple for the hubris of medical people to consider that it is the answer to such a complex group of symptoms.

So, you should try what I am suggesting.  You will see for yourself that with one hormone a multitude of symptoms can be treated! The list goes on and on.

Loss of sex drive and sexuality
ED in men and lack of orgasms in women
Pain with intercourse
Depression and anxiety that begins at 40
Migraines that start after 36
Loss of motivation
Dry eyes
Dry skin
Thin sagging skin
Loss of hair
Loss of muscle
Loss of balance
Joint damage
Memory loss
Change in body composition
Increase in belly fat
Increase in cholesterol and inflammation
Loss of immune function that triggers infections and cancer
Loss of Quality of life
Hot flashes

All of these symptoms can be treated with bioidentical testosterone pellets safely for men and with testosterone and estradiol in women. Why can’t the studies just say, the treatment for the symptom of aging is due to testosterone deficiency?

I would like to know why no one in the FDA, the researcher community, doctors who are in charge of the medical specialties in the US, and teaching physicians have told us this?  Why are we always told there is nothing to be done about aging/low testosterone….it is our future to age, get sick, watch our bodies fall apart and our brains shrink and then we die?  Not me!  I am going to shout it from the house tops that we, mostly women, who are told there is no treatment, won’t take it anymore!  We want testosterone pellets approved by the FDA for women and paid for by insurance!

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