Why BioBalance Health?

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The story of BioBalance Health. How Kathy C. Maupin, M.D. became a leading specialist in anti-aging and hormone replacement medicine.

There are many television and print ads now that market testosterone replacement (especially for men). The ads make it clear that Testosterone replacement is simple easy and wildly successful in making men healthier and more competent physically. It cures everything from impotence to halitosis in one fell swoop.

The sad thing about this kind of messaging is that Testosterone replacement really can be a miraculous intervention when it is done correctly. This involves knowing when, and how much to dose and the optimum delivery method of the dose. It involves spending time with a patient to understand their history and their lifestyle, to determine from their presenting issues whether or not they are good candidates for testosterone replacement, or if other things need to be dealt with first. A doctor who wants to practice this type of medicine really needs to know something about the larger process of healthy aging and about the illnesses that come with aging and about the side effects that can complicate hormone replacement therapies when they are not done properly.

At BioBalance Health, Dr. Kathy Maupin has been replacing testosterone for both men and women for over a dozen years. She was once known in the St Louis area as the “Hormone Queen” because she was the only one in St Louis practicing this kind of medicine. She has literally helped thousands of satisfied patients. In the beginning she was the only show in town. Today there are alternatives. It would behoove one to ask “Why BioBalance Health and Dr. Maupin”? Today’s podcast will attempt to answer that question.

Dr. Maupin has the most experienced and trained staff in the area. They are capable, skilled and educated to be among the most informed and competent you will find. Their primary focus at BioBalance Health is to practice individualized medicine that is aimed at symptom reduction and healing. Good preventative treatment requires more than just putting in pellets, it requires facilitating a lifestyle focused on healthy living, good diets, and active aging. The experts at BioBalance Health are the best at troubleshooting issues that contribute to the negative effects of the aging cascade. Dr. Maupin and her staff are considered to be the go-to place for other doctors, both in terms of getting support and problem solving for issues relating to their (the other doctors’) patients, but also for the care of the doctors and their staff as well. Many physicians and nurses come to Dr. Maupin to receive their own Hormone replacement treatments.

Hormone replacement therapy at BioBalance Health is affordable. Even though insurance may not pay for this treatment yet, both the patient and the insurer often receive increased financial benefit through the cost savings of not having to pay for other health related concerns. Patients find they are able to reduce or avoid entirely costs related to illnesses they no longer suffer from due to the benefits of testosterone replacement. Treatment concerns and costs for things like ED, osteoporosis, depression and other such illnesses, each with their own medicines and medical costs can be eliminated or greatly reduced through the appropriate use of testosterone replacement. Dr. Maupin is the leading expert in the field, she is the co-author of The Secret Female Hormone, the seminal work in explaining the replacement of testosterone in women. This book is available at her office, from internet providers such as Amazon, or in bookstores in six countries.

If you are seriously considering hormone replacement for yourself or your loved ones, be sure to check out Why BioBalance Health?

This Health cast was written and presented by Dr. Kathy Maupin, M.D., Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Expert and Author, with Brett Newcomb, MA., LPC., Family Counselor, Presenter and Author.  www.BioBalanceHealth.com.

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