Women, Testosterone Pellets, and Good Health

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How can hormone replacement for women positively impact their health?

Women are concerned when they think about testosterone pellets and whether or not these pellets will lead to weight gain for them. They think this because they have heard somewhere that testosterone will thicken their bones and make the bones weigh more. The kind if pellets that Dr. Maupin’s office uses work to improve your absorption rate for insulin and improves your reaction to carbohydrates.

Some of the ways that testosterone is delivered to women make more estrone and causes belly fat and larger breasts and kind of a round shaped body. But pellets, the kind of testosterone we use does not do these things. We get our body composition back and normal breasts and waistlines back. This difference has to do with avoiding the first pass effect and the consistency of dose delivery that are available through the pellets.

Oral pills because of the first pass effect get broken down into other substances which then operate on your body. Pellets do not suffer from this inconvenience. They are not broken down into other substances and they do not suffer from the first pass effect, thereby avoiding the problems of the other types of testosterone delivery.

As women age, their bodies begin to make more estrone which makes them look and feel old. They put on weight and their bodies get more fat. Pellets do not cause this problem they do not lead to increases in estrone they replace your estradiol, which we call young ladies’ estrogen.  Remember, testosterone pellets alone will not accomplish all that you seek. You must still work on exercise and diet. Pellets position you to take advantage of the opportunity, but you must still do the work of exercising and controlling your weight through diet. Your first gain may be in the redistribution of your bodies weight and your shape. You will lose dimension from your waist but may not lose weight in the beginning. Your clothes will fit better, and you will look better, but you may still weigh the same. That will change over time and you will lose weight but in the beginning your body just reshapes and rejuvenates itself with stronger muscle and bone. Muscle is thicker and denser than fat. As your fat is replaced my muscle you may still be at the same or slightly greater weight.

You need to rely on a healthy diet and an exercise program. Eat fresh, fruits and vegetables, and fewer carbs.

One of the advantages of coming to our office is that we use something called the InBody machine. It will be able to tell you where your fat and water concentrations in your body are. You can track your progress by using the InBody, every time you come in. You will then have a track record of your progress over time. We can use the measure of the InBody along with the list of symptoms that you presented with the first time you came in and we can chart your progress.

Pellets will generally last about four months for women once the initial dose is determined. Patients will have no compliance issues they don’t have to remember to take anything or do anything. They just live their lives while the pellets work to make them healthier.

If you begin the pellet journey there is no set length of time during which you can take them. You can, if you choose, take the pellets for the rest of your life. Come in and talk with Dr. Maupin or Dr. Sullivan about whether or not getting testosterone pellets would be the right move for you.

This Health cast was written and presented by Dr. Kathy Maupin, M.D., Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Expert and Author, with Brett Newcomb, MA., LPC., Family Counselor, Presenter and Author. www.BioBalanceHealth.com

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