Testosterone Pellets and the Illnesses of Aging

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What diseases can be delayed or avoided if I take Testosterone Pellets?

One question we regularly hear at BioBalance Health is: What diseases can be delayed or avoided if I take Testosterone Pellets?  In discussing this question with our patients, we try to update their information base regarding the disagreement among physicians about the efficacy of Hormone replacement therapies. In general physicians are taught to deal with symptoms and to understand that these illnesses are just things that happen late in life. What we are now learning through the latest research results is that we can impact the occurrence of these diseases which are associated with aging can, in many cases, be avoided or defeated. One of the preeminent reasons for our ability to defeat or avoid the illnesses of aging is our ability to replace our hormone balances to levels that we had when we were young and healthy.

Replacing our hormones gives us the opportunity to act in ways that avoid or prevent many of the illnesses of aging that afflict us. We still have to take reasonable lifestyle steps to maximize the results, but the hormone replacement will put us in the range to be able to take better care of our bodies.

One example of our new knowledge base is our ability to combat or prevent Type II Diabetes, a disease which is reaching epidemic proportions among our aging population. Testosterone replacement will help us defeat insulin resistance so that our bodies can process the sugars from carb intake. Testosterone improves the porousness of the cells so that insulin can get into the cells and be burned as energy rather than be blocked by the cells and turn into fat. Testosterone also helps you grow stronger muscles, without the Testosterone you cannot build strong muscles. If you have muscles, then that positions you to be better able to work out and exercise and do physical tasks like walk to the car or climb a flight of stairs whenever you wish.

Other research on testosterone replacement is showing that depression and anxiety as we age is partially a result of the loss of testosterone as we age. We tend to develop higher levels of anxiety and more baseline depression as we age and as we lose some of our strength and energy. Depression and anxiety are often co-morbid. We have them at the same time, but one usually masks the other. If we just treat one, then the other surfaces and manifests and gets treated. If you take testosterone pellets to replace your lost hormone balance you can avoid or reduce the impact of depression and anxiety that naturally comes when you don’t have enough testosterone.

Remember that depression is not caused by testosterone loss alone. If you have always struggled with depression testosterone replacement alone will not prevent it. You will still have to deal with what has always been a challenge. We are talking about the depression that begins when you lose testosterone. If we replace your testosterone, you can avoid that type of depression and anxiety.

We often find that testosterone replacement can help you come off of statin drugs and cholesterol medications. Not in all cases, but often we can help you and your physician make the decision to treat your high LDL levels with fewer medications and different medications than they have used in the past.  You and your physician can see that your BP is better, your weight is better, and your cholesterol numbers are where they need to be.

Finally, we can talk about breast cancer and the risk of getting it. If you replace your lost testosterone and you are female, you will reduce your risk of getting breast cancer. The research is pretty clear, in showing that if you have not ever had breast cancer taking testosterone replacement can reduce your chances of getting cancers. The research shows pretty clearly a reduction in all-cause mortality in people who are taking testosterone replacement.

This Health cast was written and presented by Dr. Kathy Maupin, M.D., Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Expert and Author, with Brett Newcomb, MA., LPC., Family Counselor, Presenter and Author. www.BioBalanceHealth.com.

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