Writing Testosterone, the Secret Female Hormone

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Details about how we wrote the book—to be published in 2013

Brett and I have spent much of the last two years writing a book on Testosterone as a female hormone. In today’s podcast we spend time talking about the experience of writing this book. How did the idea that I had for writing a book actually come to reality? What were we doing and how did we do it?

Part of what we discovered as we attempted to write this book is that we needed to know what we wanted to say. How much raw material would or should need to be included, was a major concern. Data in a book is a snapshot in time. Our goal was to provide basic information that a lay- person would need to have, that would stand the test of time. In addition to providing the basic information, we wanted to tell an interesting and hopefully entertaining “read” that would inform our readers and motivate them to have conversations with their physicians about their own health and their hormone systems and its needs.

So for today’s podcast we are remembering the process of writing and creating. We talk about how we came together as a team, learned to work together, and combine our separate strengths and our separate knowledge basis into a readable and informative book that most readers would enjoy and would be informed by. We think we have done that, and can’t wait for the publisher to have the book ready for release.

Our hope is that when you listen to this podcast you will be motivated to watch for our book and acquire it when it becomes available. For those of you who have an interest in writing, especially collaborative writing, we hope this podcast will help you with our discussion of the process we used to make it happen.

As always, thank you for listening.

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