Risk and Benefits of Hormone Replacement Therapy

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Bioidentical Hormone Pellets are the best method for replacing lost hormones.

This week concludes a four part series based on a talk I was invited to give to the women of the St Louis Family Church. In this portion of the presentation, I focused on delivery systems for replacing hormones that have been lost through the aging process. Why do I believe in one so much more than any of the others? What is my track record for success in helping my patients recover not only their hormones, but their quality of life as they age?

I am committed to helping my patients discover that they can live throughout their lives in independent, productive, healthy ways. We will all get older, but we do not all have to face being institutionalized and incapacitated for most of our final years. I want my patients to be able to walk, run, think, make love, and embrace life with all the joy and vigor they can find for all the days they have. I think this should be the goal of medical science and it is my mission as a physician. These four podcasts have given me an opportunity to convey my story and my mission to a larger audience than just the delightful and gracious ladies of the St Louis Family Church. Each of the podcasts stand alone, but taken together offer a challenging and informative message to the women of America and their physicians.

I hope you will find them entertaining, educative, and useful in your own journey through the aging process. Please note that there are ways for you to contact me offered at the end of each podcast. If you have questions, need more information, or want to share some part of your story, I would welcome the opportunity to continue the dialogue.

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