Testosterone, The First Hormone to Go!

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Hormone Replacement, a vote in the quantity of life and quality of life debates!

Welcome to the third in a series of four podcasts based on a talk I was invited to present to the women of the St Louis Family Church. This week, I will examine in detail the various hormones that women lose as they age. What are the symptoms that tell us it is happening? I think it is critical that women and their physicians speak of these symptoms as something that happens in response to a pattern or progression of aging, not as isolated events to be labeled and treated individually.

I strongly believe that medicine is a science, a skill, and an art. Experienced physicians learn to look at the data in front of them and place in perspective against a backdrop of what they know about this individual unique patient in front of them and against the backdrop of the patients’ life and family history. We must always strive to see both the immediate and the global perspective when we consider symptoms.

I believe that the symptoms of aging are interrelated and interconnected in ways that medicine has not yet learned to accept. Part of my mission is to spread this information to as many audiences as I can, and to challenge the women of America to educate themselves and to have conversations with their physicians about what they have learned.

Do not settle for a pat on the head and a word of encouragement about the pain of getting old. Be an activist and an educated consumer. Challenge yourself and challenge your doctor to get the most out of your life and health as you age!

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