Menstrual Cycles at Maturity

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What does PMS really mean?

Welcome to the second in a series of four podcasts focusing on my recent talk to the women of the St Louis Family Church. This week I am talking about the most common hormone problems women have before they reach 40, as well as discussing the realities of PMS and developing treatment strategies for symptoms of hormone imbalance before a woman turns 40.

This segment of the talk tends to be a little more clinical, and I talk about things that impact women as they mature and age. We examine the issues of ovarian cysts, pelvic pain, estrogen and progesterone levels, and endometriosis. Some women have to deal with the realities of fibroid masses and they and their physicians have to make decisions about how to deal with each of these issues. What this segment of the talk focuses upon after evaluating the potential for problems and difficulties that women face as their menstrual cycles mature and change throughout the life cycle, is what we do about these issues when they occur.

In thirty years of practice, I have learned that there are essentially two treatment goals, that shape my focus in working with these women, one is to restore their hormone balance as best I can and if they are not yet menopausal, to rest the ovaries as much as possible. These two strategies are essential for pre menopausal women under the age of forty. In the next section, I will discuss strategies beyond child bearing years. I hope you can come back for that section next week. As always, thank you for listening.

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