Hormones in the Cycle of a Woman’s Life

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What Female Hormone Balance Looks Like

I loved having an opportunity to speak to the women of the Family Church. This audience ranged in age from eleven to ninety two! One of the unusual aspects of this opportunity was that I found myself speaking to a spiritually focused audience. My usual audience is much more secular. While I have often spoken of my near death experience, in this place, the story seemed to be more powerful and meaningful, as you will see. Faith has always been a foundation of my actions and beliefs, especially as an obgyn. You cannot help but see the face of God in the delivery room. However, I do not often get an opportunity to speak about these two fundamental concentrations of my life, my faith and my Medical training at the same time to such a receptive audience.

You will hear, as did my audience, my discussion of the hormone cycle in the life of a woman, I have an opportunity to begin with a discussion of healthy lifestyle choices, and to build a case about the importance of making good choices to support your genetics. Later in the talk, I make the case for maintaining and restoring the hormone balance as age begins to distort the natural balance.

I so strongly believe that my work is in the nature of a mission or call to spread the word to women and their physicians that deterioration and incapacity in old age is not destiny. There are paths forward that we can choose that will lead us to an aging lifestyle which maintains independence, capacity, and functionality. The key to this journey is hormone replacement therapy.

I hope that you listen and that you find there is much to think about that challenges and stimulates you.

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