Age Management Medicine Group’s National Conference in Orlando

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jwmarriot-1This past week Brett Newcomb, two of the BioBalance Health nurses, Laurie Sills RN, NP and Susie Ahrens, RN, and I attended The Age Management Medicine Group’s (AMMG) national conference in Orlando, Florida. While at the AMMG meeting, BioBalance Health co-sponsored a booth which featured our book, The Secret Female Hormone.

In addition to hosting multiple book signings at our booth, we were able to meet with physicians from all over the United States and explain our purpose in writing this book. We also were able to educate women about their options with testosterone replacement and how to decide, along with their physicians, if bioidentical hormone treatment is a viable option for them.

At the convention, I was invited to present about my experience in treating women with testosterone, and especially with pellets. My presentation was well received, as I focused on the scientific aspects of testosterone replacement and discussed the cultural and regulatory opposition that this type of treatment faces. The response was enthusiastic from an audience of about three hundred physicians from throughout the United States and Canada.

It is exciting to meet a large number of physicians who feel as I do: that testosterone replacement is the key to healthy aging while maintaining an active lifestyle. Ours is a preventive philosophy, and it was refreshing to be received in such a positive way for our desire to change the way men and women who experience symptoms of aging are treated. We want to help men and women get their lives back, and we are happy to have so much support.

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