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Dr. Kathy Maupin and Brett Newcomb continue to answer your questions about hormone replacement, treatment, diagnoses, and hormone pellet therapy.

Welcome again to the BioBalance Healthcast. This week Brett and I are going to continue our responses to our readers’ and viewers’ FAQs. We have a strong presence in social media and we invite people to send in questions through Additionally, questions can be submitted via,,, and

We try to respond specifically and individually to everyone who contacts us in an appropriate timeframe, and we periodically decide to use address our viewers’ questions on the podcast to address them. Some of the questions or points that are raised are universally applicable to other viewers. This week, we’re going to address several questions that have been prompted by our previous podcasts.

Roseanne has read our book, The Secret Female Hormone, and reports to us that she has a problem with sleeping. She has sought many different treatments for her problem and has become angry and offended, as she feels that she has been dismissed by several doctors. By reading our book, she has discovered that testosterone is a sleep hormone and that her sleep issues could be resolved by undergoing testosterone replacement therapy. One of the reasons Roseanne continues to be challenged in finding the proper treatment is because her lab reports are considered “normal.” This is a common mistake that doctors are prone to. They often forget that they need to treat the patient and not the lab. The lab is an important tool that provides crucial information, but there is much more to see and hear when one talks directly to the patient (and actually listens to what they say.) I am convinced that one of the issues that is going untreated for Roseanne is her thyroid. She displays all the classic symptoms of an under-active thyroid, which can be treatable with testosterone replacement therapy.

Another question comes from Lorraine in the United Kingdom. She has read our book and wants to know where she can find a physician in the UK who does what I do. Unfortunately, testosterone in pellet forms can be difficult to find in the UK. There are doctors who administer hormone pellets, but my understanding is that it is very difficult for them to obtain the actual testosterone pellets. On our recent UK book tour, we met Dr. Marion Gluck and discovered what she does for women in the London area. We were able to send Lorraine to the Dr. Gluck’s clinic in London, where we believe she can be treated for whatever issues she may be dealing with.

Finally, we had a question from Danielle, who is a male to female transgender person. Danielle writes, asking for my help. Hormone balances for transgender people is a speciality in and of its own, however. I recommend that Danielle contact College Pharmacy because I know them and trust their work. College Pharmacy maintains relationships with many physicians who specialize in transgender work and who are much more knowledgeable in that area than I.

Listen to this week’s podcast as we try and answer these, as well as other very interesting (and often difficult) questions.

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