Bioidentical Hormone Therapy FAQ

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Dr. Kathy Maupin and Brett Newcomb answer FAQs from subscribers about treatment, diagnoses, hormone replacement, and hormone pellet therapy.

Welcome to the BioBalance Healthcast. This week, Brett and I are going to answer FAQs from our viewers. If you have a desire to get in touch with us as a reaction to something you see on one of these podcasts, there are multiple ways that you can do that.

We value these questions, comments, and contributions, and this week we want to dedicate one of our podcasts to respond.

Our first question is from a listener named Gail who said she had not been taking pellets for very long but did not feel that they were beneficial. I asked Gail to review the symptoms that brought her to me in the first place. Often, people will come in and express this same reaction, but when we review their history and symptoms they realize that many, if not most, of these symptoms have been resolved. It is very easy to lose track of this because improvement is often gradual and the symptoms cannot be monitored visually. It is a different process than, say, having a cast on your leg removed which can be easily monitored and remembered.

Our second question was from Larry, who was writing about his wife. They live in San Diego and are in their late seventies and late sixties. They are concerned about a loss of libido and want to know if there is someone in San Diego that we could refer them to. We were happy to tell them about Dr. Jen Park at Pasadena Pellets. She was trained by me and is an affiliate of my practice here in St. Louis. She follows my training and protocols and I was happy to send Larry to her.

Another question this week is from a physician in Vancouver, British Columbia, who wants to know how she could learn to treat women who are suffering from hormone loss through the use of bioidentical pellets. She wants to know how and where to get trained to do this. I was very happy to hear from her, because I am hosting a training clinic in St Louis this summer for physicians from around North America and the United Kingdom who want to learn these very things. If you are a physician who is interested in attending, please let us know about you.

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