Breast Cancer and HRT

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How HRT can be used safely on breast cancer patients

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Many people have questions about the balance between HRT and breast cancer treatment and prevention. A study has shown that testosterone pellets are effective at decreasing symptoms that can’t be treated with estrogen in most breast cancers. The study used testosterone and arimdidex which is an aromatase inhibitor. It stops the aromatization (testosterone converting to estrogen and estrone.)

Estrogen is a hormone that can stimulate breast cancer. It is important to stop that process in breast cancer patients. In menopausal women who have a history of breast cancer, there is concern about taking testosterone in fear of creating more estrogen which may lead to the onset of cancer. However there is a way to offer this treatment to control the outcomes. Testosterone can be administered to women without risking breast cancer.

Pellets are the safest method of delivery because they create the least amount of estrogen. When this is combined with arimidex, there is no estrogen converted from testosterone. The study’s results showed improvement in women’s menopausal symptoms. None of the study participants had side effects from treatments or re-occurrence of breast cancer and the cancer didn’t grow in three of the four women that had advanced stage breast cancer.

If someone with a family or personal history of breast cancer gets this combined treatment early, they will significantly decrease their chances of getting breast cancer.

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