Cholesterol, Fats, and Protein

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Dr. Kathy Maupin and Brett Newcomb discuss the body’s process of ingesting and digesting the food we eat.

In this week’s podcast, Brett and I are examining the specifics of how our bodies ingest and process the foods that we eat.

Our bloodstream operates like a super highway, full of busses, cars, trucks, and random other vehicles. These are the various fats, cholesterol, and proteins that have access the individual cells in every part of the body. Each individual cell needs all three of these ingredients to operate. There are deliveries made to each individual cell of the active ingredients they need. Your body knows how to break the food in your stomach down into its components and deliver it through the bloodstream. We will be talking about how that works and what happens when there is a “roadblock” or a “bridge failure” that keeps some portion of the body from receiving the ingredients it needs.

The body can try to reroute the nutrients to get them to the necessary location. It can also try to power through the blockage. Sometimes, it cannot reach the damaged section and that section dies. The body will automatically try to work around the damaged section so that it can limit the damage and allow the individual to survive as healthy as is possible.

In this podcast, we look at the specific ingredients: how they are created and how they travel to their assigned destinations. We look specifically at what you can do to predict problems, avoid them, and/or treat them when you encounter them.

We believe that the more you understand and know, the more you can be an active participant and director in your own health and survival.

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