Dealing with Premature Ejaculation

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Dr. Maupin and Brett Newcomb discuss ways of dealing with premature ejaculation.

Most men suffer from the problem of premature ejaculation and difficulties with erectile function at some point in their lives. It is often caused by anxiety, by excitement, or by stress. It can also have causes that are entirely physiological. In this podcast, we discuss some of the issues around the topic of premature ejaculation, and we offer some advice on strategies or techniques for dealing with the problem.

This topic is one that many men find difficult to discuss. Particularly, they find it difficult to discuss with their sexual partner. They fear that having the problem defines them as less manly and less romantic or studly (sic). One of the things that we find as men age, is that their sexual focus begins to change from a focus on the climax to a focus on the intimacy. This takes time, maturity, and encouragement from their partner, but it can happen and often does.

One of the principal ideas for dealing with premature ejaculation is improved communication skills in order to reduce anxiety and to promote a cooperative pattern between partners. There are things a man can learn, like regulation of breathing, a systematic desensitization or rehearsal techniques to stretch the elapsed time for intercourse.

Another observation that we make is that often men who are on antidepressants will have an inhibited sexual drive and sometimes have a less than satisfactory resolution because they lose the connection and have trouble with ejaculation at all. Men and their partners need to be aware of this side effect of anti-depressants, and be able to communicate with each other about what is happening and about any feelings of anxiety or resentment that may develop between them. When partners do not communicate these things they participate in what therapists call assumptive communications. I.E., I decide that I know what you must be thinking, and develop my emotional or verbal reactions to what I have assumed. I do not check it out by asking. Surly you can see how this would lead to trouble in a relationship. But, sadly, it is a common male technique.

Dr. Maupin discusses some of the medical aspects and some of the medicines that are involved in treating issues regarding premature ejaculation in greater detail. This is a podcast that men and the people who love them ought to listen to.

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