Gender Differences in How we Look at Sex and Love

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This podcast focuses on gender differences and how we look at sex and love. The way women and men look at sex is very different. Women plan and expect their sex lives around the rest of their responsibilities. They can control their libido until it’s convenient. Women look to sex for a bond and intimacy and not just a sexual release, often the opposite of how men view sex. However women are becoming more expressive in their sexuality. It has become more normal for women to openly discuss their sexual needs.

Many women fake orgasm’s because they can. Furthermore many women don’t know how to climax and therefore never have.

In order to better meet the needs of a woman, it’s important to pay attention to how she nurtures you. In terms of sexuality, listen to her. Notice what gets her eye contact, notice what she draws away from.

How children are raised tells them a lot about how they should act in regards to their own sexuality. We teach young girls, to avoid sex as long as they can. Because they endure years of sexual repression, they get to adulthood and often marriage and don’t know how to relate sexually to their partner. We tell girls not to be promiscuous but young men are told that it’s ok to be studs. It’s difficult to get past societal repression and have healthy views of sex. There needs to be a healthy balance of sexual education and conservation of adolescent’s sexuality.

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