The Origins of our Sexuality

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The origins of our sexuality run deep. We are all hardwired a certain way and have a physiological “hunger” for specific things whether it be for food objects or for sexual objects. We have a procreative urge that begins during our adolescence.

Monogamy is societal, not instinctual. Thousands of years ago, a man would stay with a woman during pregnancy and threw the first few months once the baby was born. After that however, he would find another partner in order to continue procreating. To get an adult child from two people, they would often have 6 or 8 children because the fatality rate was so high. Because of this, it is clear to see that populating the earth is what we were created to do. Modern day advances have allowed us to live well past we were meant to. Things such as medicine, clean water, and immunizations have helped us to live much longer than we used to. More specifically, healthcare has improved greatly over the years. 100 years ago it was very common for women to die during childbirth. Because of medical advances in first world society rarely do see this as an outcome of labor. Although our lives have been extended and health made better, we have not been given a better quality of life.

There are two critical ingredients in a happy relationship; communication and commitment. The physiology and the changes in physiology that naturally occur in our bodies can be counter balanced. People who feel anchored in their relationship but recognize their physiology has changed need to seek help. If they do not feel anchored and have sought help for their physiological imbalance through hormone treatment, they then need to seek counseling to work on their relationship.

Start with replacing your hormones so that you mentally and physically feel better. Then focus on your relationships. Don’t allow your aging hormones to ruin your relationships with other people.

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