Hormone Replacement Is Linked to Lower Mortality in Women!

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You don’t have to give up a long life to lead a quality life!

I always hear my patients say things like, “I don’t care if these pellets cause me to die early, I’m taking them anyway because they improve the quality of my life and relationships”….I have to stop and correct them!!!

NO! replacement of estradiol and testosterone to women after they lose their own hormones makes you live longer!!!  There are many research articles that prove that the replacement of hormones decrease the rate of dementia, osteoporosis, cancer, heart disease, Parkinson’s, autoimmune diseases and poor immunity that leads to death from infections, but it is hard to find a research article that says “Hormone Replacement Therapy is Associated with Lower Mortality”….but it does! American College of Cardiology March 8, 2017, published this study and supported it with real statistics—why didn’t we hear about this?  Probably because if you are healthy because of estrogen replacement…then you don’t need so many meds and the drug companies don’t make as much money on medications!!!  If you doubt that they have the power to suppress information, then you are dreaming!

You don’t have to give up a long life to lead a quality life!  My goal in treating my patients is to lengthen and strengthen them against all diseases!  Hormones are what makes us bulletproof when we are young, and if we replace them, we don’t age as quickly and we avoid the diseases of aging.  In my books The Secret Female Hormone, and Got Testosterone? (Available on Amazon), I describe the diseases that can be avoided or delayed by taking bioidentical testosterone pellets for both sexes.  This is just one of the thousands of research articles I have found that prove that replacement of E2 and T for women and T for men make us live longer.

The article cited here tells us that women taking estradiol for hot flashes and vaginal dryness also decreased their risk of death from atherosclerosis, decreased plaque buildup in the heart’s arteries, compared to women who did not take estrogen after menopause.

It also states that the replacement of E2 has been considered controversial because of the flawed 2002 research by the NIH (WHI STUDY) that stopped women all over the   country from receiving prescriptions from their Doctors  for estrogen.  The doctors didn’t read the study…just the headlines and stopped prescribing estrogen. It was also easier for them to never have to talk about estrogen again…but their patients suffered.  I can remember all the screaming horrible phone calls we received after my patients stopped taking their estrogen on their own after reading the NIH headline…the headline was in fact wrong…it was Provers—a synthetic progestin (NOT PROGESTERONE) that caused the results…not estradiol!

I never took my patients off estradiol because I knew the truth…and I needed the replacement of my estrogen after my oophorectomy, and I couldn’t think or sleep or anything else!

Now 15 years later we get the right information that estrogen replacement saves us from heart disease (the biggest killer of women), and osteoporosis, stroke, and even cancer!

The 2002 WHI study cause American women to stop taking estrogen—60% of menopausal women took E2 replacement in 1998, and less than 23 % inn 2012. 6 percent of women died during the average follow up period of 8 years.

During the study period women on estrogen replacement therapy (ERT) were 30% less likely to die of heart disease than women not on estrogen at the same ages, Estrogenized women also had much lower rates of diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and higher rates of zero plaque on their cardiac calcium scans!!

The lower rates of plaque are due to the estrogen effect of decreasing cholesterol and diabetes. Studies show that women with high levels of estrogen during premenopause, have the cardiovascular health of men 10-20 years younger than they are!  After menopause that advantage is lost, but women have the opportunity to regain cardiovascular benefits by replacing estrogen.

What are your reasons for not replacing your lost estradiol? It saves your heart and vessels and prevents many diseases of aging.  If you replace your estrogen with pellets, you avoid the risk of blood clotting problems found in oral estrogens, and there is no increased risk of breast cancer either!  What is your reason for not replacing your estrogen?  Your doctor won’t write a script?  Change doctors to someone who is up to date and not too lazy to bother with your hormones!


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