Why you absolutely need to take oral Vitamin D3

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What is the difference between vitamin D3 and vitamin D2?

Vitamin D is not just a vitamin, as most people think, it is a HORMONE called Cholecalciferol that is required for general health, thick bones, for making muscle and your immune system, your brain function, and for protecting you from diabetes, heart disease and cancer. Vitamin D also acts to assist your body in absorbing calcium and zinc from your food and supplements.  Without Vitamin D3 these vital minerals go through your body without absorption, and you just excrete them without being able to use them.

The vitamin-hormone Vitamin D comes in several forms.  The form D2 comes in natural food sources such as salmon, swordfish, egg yolk and fortified foods such as milk, orange juice and other milk products like yogurt.  However, Vitamin D2 is not a potent form of Vitamin D. Vitamin D is also produced by your skin in the melanin when you go out on a sunny day, however you would have to be out daily for most of the sunny hours, without sunscreen, at a latitude like where Phoenix and Destin Florida is or further south to absorb enough Vitamin D from the sun.

Your skin absorption in the 21st century is usually minimal since medical science has promoted the use of sunscreen every day all day long which blocks our absorption of Vitamin D.

Your skin tone also alters how much Vitamin D you absorb from the sun.  if you have very light skin and burn easily it takes less time in the sun to absorb the same amount of vitamin D than someone who has dark skin.  It is a given that most people who do not live in the southern US and have dark skin are not getting enough Vitamin D from the sun even if they work outdoors all day long, so they must take a supplement orally or in a shot of VitaminD3. The recommended oral dose is 5,000 MIUs of Vitamin D3 every day to receive enough Vitamin D in their body.

For all people with all skin types, you should be out in the sun for an hour before you cover yourself in sunscreen.  The sun gives you vitamin D, but also has other benefits. Remember no matter what skin type you have, the tanner you get the less vitamin D3 you absorb.  It is a protective mechanism to prevent overdosing with D from the sun for those people who have dark skin and live in the sun around the equator.

What does it really do?

For one thing Vitamin D is essential to your immune system.  If you want to be immune to viruses and bacteria as well as cancer you must have a normal blood level of vitamin D.  The accepted level is 30 from the US government but it is preferable to have a blood level of 40-100 for optimal health. The other jobs of Vitamin D include Building muscle and bone, normalizing blood pressure and Type 2 Diabetes, preventing heart disease, stroke, and dementia. If you want to stay healthy throughout your life you should take oral Vitamin D3 5,000 miu per day.

The Actions of Vitamin D3:

We have already listed the important job of supporting your immune system to prevent infection and cancer.  The addition Vitamin D supports Muscle and bone.  Without Vitamin D, children get a disease of soft bones that bow their legs and prevent normal height, called Ricketts. It was common in the early industrial age when children were kept inside factories all day long to work instead of playing outside.

Adults we must have Vitamin D to keep our muscles strong, and our bones thick.  Muscle and bone are in a state of homeostasis which means they are growing and breaking down all of the time.  If breakdown is more rapid than growth the bones become thin and are apt to break.  The other necessary elements to keep bone and muscle strong are Calcium, Magnesium Vitamin C, and Vitamin K2.

For optimal skeletal muscle (which includes the heart) you have to have adequate vitamin D levels in your blood. For example, patients in a recent study increased their muscle fiber size by taking 4,000 IUs of Vitamin D3 a day. They also made more Type II muscle fibers which are responsible for rising from a chair or lifting things over your head. Type two muscles are located in your hips, back and shoulders.  Another study showed the just 1,000 IUs of Vitamin D3 increased muscle strength by 25%, without any other changes in diet or activity.  Muscle training and exercise are also important, but you won’t get the results from just taking Vitamin D, or exercise alone, that you would if you take Vitamin D3 + Exercise + Testosterone. If you are over 50 and don’t exercise while you take Vitamin D and replace Testosterone with pellets.

Type 2 Diabetes also affects 50% of our population, primarily from eating too many carbs, without exercising, but low vitamin D contributes to the development of diabetes and obesity as well. All people who are Insulin Resistant, who have Type 2 Diabetes or Prediabetes should be taking 5,000 MIU of vitamin D3 a day.

Summary: The easiest and cheapest way to prevent heart disease, stroke, osteoporosis, cancer, type 2 diabetes, and dementia, among others because it improves your immune system too. If you are Latino, Black, Italian, Israeli, or Greek, in, fact if your genetics are from any country around the Mediterranean, or just have dark skin, you must take Vitamin D3 to stay healthy! It is over the counter and relatively cheap.  You should take Vitamin D3 in oil-capsule form for good absorption.

Remember….Taking Vitamin D3 doesn’t replace going outside for sun absorption.  It is in addition to being in the sun! Sunscreen prevents Vitamin D3 absorption.

Vitamin D may cut heart disease risk in dark-skinned adults

A study to be presented at the Experimental Biology 2021 virtual meeting found that taking vitamin D supplements may help people with dark skin, including African Americans, to reduce their risk for heart disease.”Promoting adequate vitamin D status in young, otherwise healthy adults may improve nitric oxide availability and blood vessel function, and thereby serve as a prophylactic to reduce risk of future development of hypertension or cardiovascular disease,” says researcher Tony Wolf.

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