Sensuality and Eroticism in Healthy Sexual Relationships

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Dr. Kathy Maupin and relationship counselor Brett Newcomb talk about sensuality and eroticism in healthy sexual relationships.

  • Talk about what you like, what feels good to you, what is painful, what turns you off.
  • Provide feedback, express yourself during sex.
  • Factors of arousal, building up to sex, plan ahead.
  • Sensuality and eroticism are enhancing behaviors in a marriage.
  • No mater what you learned as a child, it is not “nasty” to have sexual desire and to think eroticized thoughts.
  • Recognize that a healthy fantasy life is a central ingredient to a satisfing sex life.
  • Think about taking the risk to discuss or share your fantasies with your partner.
  • Remember lead time. It is significantly more than foreplay.
  • Physical sensuality is not just hedonistic and self-absorbed behavior.
  • Your body comes with five senses. Use all five.
  • Plan and prepare for “making love” as well as having sex.
  • Talk to your partner about what is erotic to you.
  • Talk to your partner about what things are sensual for you. Ladies remember when he says he likes something about you or on you (like a nightgown, bluejeans, or something) do not dismiss it scornfully because you don’t happen to think it enhances you.

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