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Communication and balanced hormones are keys to good sexual relations.

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In episode 47 of the BioBalance Healthcast, Brett Newcomb and I discuss aspects of the imbalance in sexual desire that many couples have.

The idea for this episode came from an inquiry I received from a writer at Ebony Magazine. They wanted to know about what’s normal in sexual behavior and how to deal with an imbalance in desire for sex within a relationship. We discuss in this podcast how some problems and solutions are medical and physical, while other are social and psychological.

Partners in relationship can come from different mindsets. Some think that sex is dirty, some think it’s only for pro-creation. Sometimes people have more testosterone causing them to have a higher sex drive. Those with a lot of testosterone have a higher sex drive, and that’s a medical problem.

Another medical cause for lack of libido is drugs. Antidepressant or birth control drugs can affect desire.

Communication is key to resolving or managing the situation. People often assume the worst of each other’s feelings if we don’t communicate. The results of not communicating can be very serious. Often time, comments come out in a fight.

Sexual components in communication can include whether or not couples talk during sex, discussion have fantasies for instance. Talking about what satisfies you can help, as long isn’t perceived as a complaint, or a criticism.

Some of my patients who have gotten counseling and have a potential to return to normal mutually satisfying relations can have medical issues. One of these problems is vaginismus, an involuntary contracting of the vagina. It can take physical therapy helping the woman feel comfortable with her body. Fundamental messages can cause these problems. How we talk to our children about sex is important. Even though sex education in schools can be a good place to teach the biological aspects of sex, the home is the best place to teach young people how sexual relationships should work.

My job is to make sure there is nothing physically wrong with the couple. A lot of women are inorgasmic. Sometimes the problem is physical, sometimes psychological. Communication is important in all cases because the man can’t read the women’s mind. Women focus on the moment, men are focused on the goal of having an orgasm. Young men are about the orgasm, later more on the intimacy.

My patients whose sexual problem is caused low or no testosterone can be treated by my bioidentical testosterone pellets and get their sex life back.

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