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Male Case Study – Continuation of Episode 333

Dr. Maupin and Brett explain the lab test required at BioBalance Health to become a hormone replacement patient. In this second Healthcast we review the fifteen lab tests that are standard for Dr. Maupin to obtain prior to treatment. She[...]

Age and Gender Differences in Blood Test Results

Just because your blood test result is in the “normal” column, doesn’t mean your hormone level is healthy! The truth is that when we are young, fertile and healthy our GH, Testosterone and Estradiol are at their peaks.  As we[...]

Answers to Your Questions About Hormones

Dr. Kathy Maupin and Brett Newcomb continue to answer your questions about hormone replacement, treatment, diagnoses, and hormone pellet therapy. Welcome again to the BioBalance Healthcast. This week Brett and I are going to continue our responses to our readers' and[...]