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The Death of Title IX, and the End of Women’s Equality

The decision to make women compete against biologic men is an uneducated, unscientific decision. Title IX is a Federal Civil Rights Law passed as part of the Education Amendment of 1972.  It is now in jeopardy of being reversed in[...]

Hormonal Treatment for Transgender People

While in training Dr. Sullivan developed an interest in treating transgender patients. Our new Doctor at BioBalance health, Dr. Rachel Sullivan, is developing a specialty within her hormone replacement practice. As a BioBalance Health physician, she specializes in the replacement[...]

Answers to Your Questions About Hormones

Dr. Kathy Maupin and Brett Newcomb continue to answer your questions about hormone replacement, treatment, diagnoses, and hormone pellet therapy. Welcome again to the BioBalance Healthcast. This week Brett and I are going to continue our responses to our readers' and[...]