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How to Make a Health and Fitness Lifestyle

BioBalance Health welcomes special guest Mike Jaudes, owner of The Fitness Edge Personal Training facility in St. Louis, MO. I have worked out at Fitness Edge® for 32 years twice a week, religiously and I believe it is the reason[...]

The Ten Truths About Exercise Programs for People Over 35

Is Your Exercise Approach Optimized For Your Age? In this healthcast Dr. Maupin identifies and explains ten plus generally held beliefs about exercising that seem to cause those of us over 35 to be disappointed in our results. She explains[...]

Build Muscle and Improve Your Health. The Benefits Associated with Resistance Exercise.

Replacing testosterone builds muscle mass, but for optimal results the human body requires resistance exercise and a diet with enough protein to build muscle tissue. The primary service provided at BioBalance Health is individual health assessment and administration of bio-identical[...]