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Genetic Diet and Health Guidelines for People with Type AB Blood

The most recent blood type to emerge in humans is the AB type. People with type AB blood thrive best in a non-competitive and lower-stress environment. ABs need to minimize stress, utilize calming strategies, and exercise every day or two. They[...]

What Women Should Know About Their Sexual Health: Female Ejaculation

Dr. Kathy Maupin and Dr. Brett Newcomb address recent questions regarding the topic of Female Ejaculation. They discuss this occurrence as well as whether or not it should be a cause of concern among women. While Brett and I are[...]

Postmenopausal Uterine Bleeding

Dr. Maupin and Brett Newcomb discuss the diagnoses and treatment for Postmenopausal Uterine Bleeding. In this week's podcast, we are talking about Postmenopausal Uterine Bleeding. This is a serious issue for doctors because postmenopausal bleeding is the first sign of[...]