Testosterone and Men

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Low testosterone in men causes a variety of poor health conditions.

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Podcast 63 is about Erectile Dysfunction. Men and women both make testosterone but men show benefits of higher bone density which leads to less cases of osteoporosis in men.

In the last 5-6 years testosterone has been huge subject in research. The Sexual Medicine Journal in 2009 said the risk for cardio vascular disease in men is about 1 and a half times more likely in men with slight erectile dysfunction and more than two times more likely in those with severe erectile dysfunction.

Testosterone helps prevent erectile dysfunction and cardio vascular disease. Viagra doesn’t help with lack of testosterone. It helps with blood flow. Nitric acid is the chemical you need to have an erection which is what is in many medications that treat ED. However it’s important to not just treat the erection issues.

Doctors should offer testing for heart disease in patients with ED. They need to look for compromise of the vessels. If a man has fat layers on the inside of his vessels, it causes those vessels to become very small. If his heart has the same problem, he’s at risk for stroke. If his pelvis has this problem, he’s at risk for ED. When men are younger they have higher testosterone levels so they don’t have this inflammation problem.

Men under 50 have who have ED, have a 50 fold increase in the risk that they’re going to have a heart attack in the next 10 years. Heart disease, cancer and respiratory failure all increase dramatically with the decrease of testosterone. If you take care of the maintenance of testosterone, it can help avoid later diseases and conditions.

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