New Year and New Body Image

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Hints on keeping your New Year’s resolutions and how to improve your body image with i-Lipo.

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Episode 64 of the BioBalance Healthcast is about setting and keeping New Year’s resolutions, weight loss and body image. Most of us make New Year’s resolutions, and many of them are about changing our body image. We resolve to get regular exercise, eat more healthy meals, or lose weight. We often have great difficulty meeting these goals because it requires changing our lifestyle in drastic ways.

It’s a fact that by February first, most of these resolutions are forgotten. In order to be successful, it’s important to make a plan with reachable goals and then follow that plan every day. We need to make behavioral changes to reach physical goals. No behavioral change can happen in less than six weeks. It’s helpful to have a partner to hold you accountable and help you in reaching you goals.

One way to lose fat in specific parts of your body is a new process known as i-Lipo, now available at BioBalance Health in St. Louis. i-Lipo is a laser-based system that utilizes several plastic devices placed around the circumference of the torso, legs, arms, or neck. You can lose a half inch to 2 to 4 inches.

The laser beams activate the cells, and releases the fat it contains. It’s similar to lipo dissolve, which is painful, and liposuction that risks the re-growth of fat cells. i-Lipo is painless and it shrinks your fat cells. It takes about 8 treatments, twice a week to have the full effect in four weeks. The fat is released into lymph system, which is then taken to your intestines where it is lost through your waste.

Dr. Maupin created i-Lipo cellulite serum which is massaged into the skin that is going to be treated by the laser. It penetrates the skin and naturally activates the lymph system to pick up all the fat and get rid of it.

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