Why Only use Hormone Replacement in Pellet Form?

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Why you need to fully understand the importance of your hormone replacement delivery method.

Dr. Maupin was recently asked to present to a medical conference in Miami. Her presentation covered the specifics of pellet replacement of hormones for women. Even though she treats men at BioBalance health, she was asked to speak to the treatment of women because of her book, The Secret Female Hormone.

A lot of the doctors who attended the conference use other delivery methods for replacing hormones. Dr. Maupin has tried all of the delivery methods and has found that all of them have drawbacks and problems that do not exist with the pellet method. The pellets provide an on -demand system of replacement as your body needs the hormones provided by the pellet. These are bioidentical pellets the body does not see or treat them differently than your original hormones.

In fact, Dr. Maupin told the conference there are six primary reasons for using pellets and pellets alone in her practice as a method of replacing hormones that are lost due to aging.

  1. Complete resolution of symptoms. Dr. Maupin has always maintained that doctors should not treat to statistical norms, they should treat to resolution of the presenting symptom! She finds that the most successful way of reaching this goal is through the use of bioidentical pellets. In order to demonstrate that to the patients we use documentation and photographic evidence as well as the Inbody machine to track their muscle, and water balances. This data over time will show the progress in addition to the subjective conversation with the patient concerning their symptoms.
  2. Uniform blood levels/ dose for 4 months. One of the strongest reasons for using pellets is that the patient has no compliance issues or concerns. Once the pellets are in you don’t have to do anything. You need not remember to rub on the cream, or replace the patch, or remember what time of day to take the medicine. You do not have the hormonal fluctuation you sometimes get with the other delivery methods.
  3. Complete control over dosage. The formula for the pellet is calculated to generate release of the exact amount your body needs over a four -month period. Once they are inserted in your body there is nothing else for you to do. Depending on your size and metabolism, along with your activity, the body draws on the pellets as needed.
  4. Resolves patient compliance issues. Pellets will cause you to experience an increase in desire and libido if you have been without testosterone for years. You will experience this surge and feel like you don’t even know yourself any more. You will worry about your ability to control the desire so that you don’t get yourself in trouble. This is a normal side-effect and will diminish in a few days. After that your sex drive will be normal. It won’t happen again unless you go off of testosterone again for a long time.

What happens here is that your receptor sites dry up when you do not make testosterone. If you have gone a long time without T, then when you get some, there is a bloom or surge of receptor site activity that you are not used to feeling. That will normalize in a few days and your libido will return to the normal state for you that you had when you were younger.

This Health cast was written and presented by Dr. Kathy Maupin, M.D., Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Expert and Author, with Brett Newcomb, MA., LPC., Family Counselor, Presenter and Author. www.BioBalanceHealth.com

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