Thymosin-Alpha 1 – A Natural Killer of Viruses and Cancer Cells

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Thymosin Alpha 1 is a piece of a Protein that is Naturally Produced in the Human Body That Improves Your Immune Response To Infection And Cancer.

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If you ever wondered if there was something other than anti-cancer chemicals, quarantine or vaccines to help protect you from cancer and viral illness, there is a safe, inexpensive and effective medical treatment.  Why haven’t you heard of this wonder drug?  The FDA has blocked the US population from access to this immune stimulator in the middle of a pandemic!  I can’t tell you why, except that it gave us a way to improve our immune status without other preventive treatments.  It is not dangerous so you can only imagine your own reasons for this action.

‘In this blog I am going to inform you of this option so your will know about it and possibly help drop the ban on compounding pharmacies from making this communicator protein.  I have included quotes from medical and scientific journals to support my information.

At the end of the blog, I will list the sources for my information in case you question my information, you can look it up!

Thymosin alpha 1 is a peptide naturally occurring in the thymus that has long been recognized for modifying, enhancing, and restoring immune function. Thymosin alpha 1 has been utilized in the treatment of immunocompromised states and malignancies, as an enhancer of vaccine response, and as a means of curbing morbidity and mortality in sepsis and numerous infections “, World Journal of Virology 2020 Dec 15; 9: 67-78.

This “bit of protein” is called a peptide, and it is just one of thousands of peptide communicators produced by the human body. When we are young and healthy these communicators are all working well in healthy mature adults, but as we age, we lose the ability to produce many of the peptides that keep us healthy, like Thymosin alpha 1. This is the reason that people over 60 get sick and die from infections that don’t kill younger people.

In the Journal of Virology this information was written in December of 2020, during the Covid Pandemic:

Studies have postulated that thymosin alpha 1 could help improve the outcome in severely ill corona virus disease 2019 patients by repairing damage caused by overactivation of lymphocytic immunity and how thymosin alpha 1 could prevent the excessive activation of T cells. …. thymosin alpha 1 deserves further investigation into its antiviral properties and possible repurposing as a treatment against severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus-2.

What does Thymosin Alpha 1 do?

Thymosin alpha-1 (TA1) functions as a stimulator to the thymus gland.  This gland produces white blood cells including but not limited to T-Killer cells and T helper cells (CD4+/CD8+ T cells) those WBCs that kill viruses, bacteria, fungus, and cancer cells.

The thymus gland is located behind the “breastbone” and is largest when we are born and shrinks as we age.  As it gets smaller, our immunity to everything decreases which is why older people get more severe infections and take longer to heal, and why older people need stronger vaccinations than younger people to get the same effect.

TA1 has many functions other than increasing the number of T cells, it also increases their killing ability and modulates the T cells, so they respond to both abnormally directed immune responses (autoimmune diseases) and stimulates the activity of T cells against infections. TA1 decreases inflammation and is effective in treating pancreatitis and Hepatitis C. Regarding viruses TA1 decreases viral replication, therefore limits both the infections, communicability, and the severity of all viral infections.

For cancer patients this peptide is amazing at limiting both incidence and growth of cancers. It is unparalleled in its activity against cancer recurrence.

..thymosin alpha 1 works via two main mechanisms: Either stimulating the immune system or employing its anti-proliferative activities on tumor cells. The protective action of thymosin alpha 1 against oxidative damage because of its effect on liver superoxide dismutase and glutathione peroxidase has been explored by Armutcu et al [26].

I have given TA1 to patients who have small tumors or failure of cancer treatment, when there is no more treatment left for them, to stimulate their own immune system to kill cancer cells. There are basically 3 other ways to kill cancer.  Surgically remove it, kill it with chemicals that also kill beneficial cells in your body (chemotherapy), or radiate the area of cancer.  However mainstream medicine rarely uses the fourth most effective and least dangerous method of stimulating the natural immune system and preventing and killing cancer. One of the unused methods of killing cancer cells is prescribing TA1 which stimulates your own immune system to kill cancer cells.

This fact is rarely discussed by doctors, but it is a fact that everyone produces cancer cells in their bodies daily and when they are young and healthy their own immune system kills those cancer cells. When we are young, cancer is rare because our immune cells are activated by TA1 produced in our own thymus glands.  As we age, our thymus shrinks, our TA1 decreases and some of these abnormal cells are missed and not killed, which allows these cells to grow and proliferate into what we call cancer.  The true cause of cancer is the loss of normal immunity (TA1) to kill cancer cells.

Due to the action of thymosin alpha 1 on other cell types, it is used as a therapeutic agent for diseases with evident immune dysfunction [4]. Clinical trials with thymosin alpha 1 for diseases like DiGeorge syndrome, non-small cell lung cancer, hepatocellular carcinoma, hepatitis B and C, HIV, and melanoma have been conducted and yielded promising results.  FDA approved the orphan drug thymalfasin (Zadaxin) for treatment of malignant melanoma, chronic active hepatitis B, DiGeorge anomaly with immune defects, and hepatocellular carcinoma due to its immunomodulatory and anti-tumor effect.

These diseases are the ones approved by the FDA for treatment with Thymosin alpha 1, in the form of the pharmaceutical called Thymalfasin, however they have ignored the elephant in the room: Thyomsin alpha 1 is effective against cancer, and preventing cancer recurrence, autoimmune diseases, viruses, parasites and bacterial infections.  Why isn’t it used in the US to stimulate our own thymus to act like it did when we were younger?  I can’t understand it! When we needed this compounded drug the most—in the middle of a pandemic, the FDA prevented all the compounding pharmacies from making it!  This could have been an answer for those people who could not or would not get vaccinated, but in the beginning of the pandemic, production was shut down!

Thymosin alpha 1 works and there is a lot of research to back this up, but it is unattainable in the US since Covid started.  I had several patients with recurrent cancer on this peptide for years before the pandemic, and it prevented a recurrence. These patients got their medication from compounding pharmacies, and it had to be discontinued because no compounding pharmacy was allowed to make it.  Why? Both patients, who had. exhausted their mainstream medical options for their cancer, are now experiencing a recurrence of their cancer without being able to get this drug.

With all this proof and knowledge about the power of Thymosin alpha1, to prevent and treat viral illnesses and cancer, why have you never heard of it, especially at a time of pandemic when this peptide could do so much good to prevent and treat the virus that is causing our pandemic, especially for those people with immune dysfunction, cancer, autoimmune diseases, and immune senescence of aging?

First, the government enacted an FDA letter to all doctors threatening discipline for doctors and healthcare workers who recommended “unproven” therapies for the Covid virus. Included in this new law, rule, is to silence anyone saying to their patients that Vitamin D (which has now been proven to protect against Covid), Quercetin which has supporting evidence in the medical literature to prevent the recommendation of doctors to patients from suggesting these methods of preventing supplements to our patients. If anyone can explain why our own government is working against us (both patients and doctors who are working to save lives), and using our tax dollars to do it, please tell me.

I always thought being a doctor in America meant being able to use any safe and effective means that I know works effectively, to treat my patients.  Doctors were effectively gagged by the FDA letter sent in December 2020, from telling my patients about preventive medicine practices that stimulate the immune system and protect us from infection.  Now I have lost respect for the government who treats us all like we are uneducated and sheep who will follow whatever they tell us. They use the one size fits all in a decade when the practice of medicine is becoming more aware of the individuality of patients especially in the melting pot of the US.  Drugs are ridiculously expensive and unaffordable except for the very rich.  We often use compounding pharmacies for alternatives to this price burden for patients and offer inexpensive alternatives that patients can afford.

I am listing the medical references that support my information.  I don’t generally do this but I believe it is important to support my blog.


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