OPUS Is the Two-In-One Facial and Body Rejuvenation Treatment that is REALLY new!

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This one machine can do the job of several other lasers and RF machines in our office.

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I am always looking for EFFECTIVE and TRULY DIFFERENT skin care techniques and machines that can offer a better and improved way to make my patients skin beautiful!  Last October I attended a conference put on by the largest laser company in the world, Alma Laser, and discovered just such a device!

The OPUS RF+ Pixel machine!  This one machine can do the job of several other lasers and RF machines in our office, yet it is one treatment, which makes it superior in terms of efficiency, and cost.  One Opus treatment takes the place of a Radio-Frequency treatment to tighten skin, plus a laser Pixel machine for retexturizing and lifting skin, plus the Skin Pen, which injects serums into the skin to promote the production of collagen that smooths the skin and minimizes wrinkles. Therefore, the OPUS treatment delivers the following benefits:

  1. Retexturizing skin making it smoother
  2. Tightening skin
  3. Delivering Hyaluronic acid and other serums to stimulate the production of collagen
  4. Lifting skin around the eyes and mouth
  5. Minimizing the small wrinkles around the skin

When I looked at the OPUS machine and the hefty price that Alma laser attached to it I had to decide whether it would provide real, quality changes in the skin of the face and body for my patients.  I watched many treatments of the attendees at the conference to see what it really did, and even though may improvements take weeks and months, I looked for several things:

  1. Pain level
  2. Time for the procedure
  3. Esthetic outcomes immediately
  4. Plumpness of the skin after the treatment
  5. Downtime

The 2 biggest problems with most esthetic procedures are that they create a lot of pain and there is extensive downtime that will prevent my patients from going to work.  Knowing these drawbacks to most treatments available, some of which we offer, I was able to decide right there at the conference, because after the 20 minutes of lidocaine gel on the face, there was no pain and there was definitely NO DOWNTIME!  This was a miracle to me!

When I describe esthetic treatments to my patients, how they work, what to expect and what problems each of them takes care of, I get to downtime and most people say, “I don’t have time to stay home from work or stay in the house and not go to dinner etc. Forget it!”.  OPUS takes care of this problem. There is a little redness like you went out in the sun for an hour and then no evidence that you had an esthetic treatment.

The Opus machine uses a wheel of tiny spikes that contact the skin and make a tiny hole (a pixel) as it crosses your skin in three directions.  The holes can be made larger if your skin is thick and we need to “inject” collagen, episomes or other serums.  The sizes of the pixels are variable.  Each hole stimulates skin repair and act as injection sites for serum. These holes heal and pull skin together, stimulate collagen production, lift and smooth the skin in one treatment.

There is a second tool for above and around the eyes to lift the lids as well as to tighten the upper lip.

Like any other treatment, Opus requires 3 or more treatments a month or two apart to be fully effective.  That would be 3 total treatments instead of 9 treatments of various treatments.

I love efficiency!  I also love adaptability.  OPUS also can treat problems we have no other treatment for such as stretch marks and crepe skin.  It can be used on the body as well as the face neck and chest.

Opus outcomes are just as good as the outcomes from laser Plus RF machines…but you pay for one treatment instead of three which also takes less time out of your schedule and no downtime!

When considering your options please consider this cutting-edge therapy, OPUS by Alma Laser!


This Health cast was written and presented by Dr. Kathy Maupin, M.D., Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Expert and Author.   www.BioBalanceHealth.com  (314) 993-0963


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