Skin Care and Summer Weather Exposure

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How to properly care for your skin.

This week, Brett and I are talking about skin care and summer weather exposure. It is spring, and people are beginning to think about being out and about in the weather. We live in a culture where most of us are insulated from the impact of weather most of our days. We drive air conditioned cars, and live in air conditioned homes, and work in air conditioned buildings. We can protect ourselves from the adverse elements more than any other generation. However, all that protection from the real weather elements does not necessarily mean that we are protected. There are always humidity and dryness issues in air conditioned environments. These impact your skin as much as the outside weather does. The additional concerns of outside weather beyond humidity, are wind, sun, and exposure.

Men generally do not want to pay attention to skin care. But they should. Especially the effects of the sun’s rays and the impact of pre cancerous burns on the skin. The skin is our largest organ, it makes up about seven percent of our body weight. It is our first line of defense against injury, disease and contamination. Our concerns in this podcast are not just about “beauty” related issues. They are about health and longevity and vibrancy! But beauty or attractiveness does matter and we want to talk about that as well.

We talk about the reality that healthy skin holds to your muscles and connective tissues and bones. It does not wrinkle and pull away or sag. We want to avoid brown spots and texture problems. As you age, and lose your hormones, particularly estrogen, your skin becomes thinner. That is a concern. Also as you age, you lose testosterone and that allows your skin to pull away from your bones and sag and wrinkle more rapidly. Estrogen loss also decreases the amount of moisture your skin will hold.

As we move into the outdoor and the tanning seasons, all of us, men and women alike, will benefit from taking a look at our basic skin care regimine and our plan for taking care of ourselves. This will impact the way we look and the way we feel as we get older.

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