What is a VI Peel? Why does it do more than other peels to make you look younger?

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The VI Peel has 4 different peels to address the needs of different patients.

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There are hundreds of facial skin peels out there that provide one benefit each.  The VI Peel is not just one peel with one effect, it has 4 different peels for different needs patients have. The first three peels are graded by how much damage you have, how thin your skin is and how much treatment you need. The fourth facial peel provides treatment for acne and acne scars.

The FIRST secret to the VI Peel is that it literally is active on your face for three days! The Second secret is that the VI peel has 5 “acids” that do different things for your skin, so the treatment is often as good or better than two combined laser treatments. Three VI peels a month apart vs three laser treatments at less than half the price!

The second Secret of the VI peel is that it uses 5 acidic and active peel products combined in one peel, as well as two anti-inflammatory products to calm the skin.

The ingredients include:

  1. Glycolic acid penetrates the skin deeply and carries the other ingredients with it.
  2. Lactic acid hydrates and lightens brown spots, hydrates and firms the skin
  3. Mandelic acid reduces oil production and suppresses pigment production to even skin tone and brighten the face.
  4. Trichloroacetic acid treats texture, pigment, acne, and wrinkles, and drives the other active ingredients deep in the skin.
  5. Phenol is an anesthetic and mimics TCA treatments

The first three types of peel provide extensive exfoliation, decrease of brown spots, and treats superficial wrinkles and tightens the skin.  VI Peel uses all of the ingredients above and is primarily for brightening and tightening. For younger patients with minimal damage and patients with Rosacea.

VI Peel Precision is for normal Anti-aging skin with average damage.

VI PEEL Precision Plus is the strongest peel for thickened skin and Anti-aging.

The fourth peel is called VI Peel Purify + Booster for Acne and Acne scarring and hyperpigmentation.

The treatment time is short in the Spa, but you must be able to use specific products for after- care for the next 2 days.  The peel is actively working for 72 hours and avoiding the sun completely, using the provided towelettes to wipe down the area several times a day is required.

How do I recover?  The first day you will look like you got a sunburn, but some patients do not have any downtime the first day.  The end of the second and third day the skin will begin to peel, and you must refrain from picking! You may trim the already peeled skin off, but don’t assist the peeling.

These peels require 2-4 peels, one a month for complete resolution.  Other treatments that. Treat the same problems often take 3-6 laser treatments so this takes less time. Each peel is about $300 and is painless.

VI has also developed body peels for those of you who have severe sun damage on the décolleté, arm/hands, back or legs. The peel is effective for brown spots, acanthosis nigricans,

The body peels take longer to peel..usually 4-7 days and treatments are farther apart, every 4-8 weeks. They even have an app to track your progress on your iPhone!

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