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Take years off your appearance with the laser therapy treatments.

Many of my patients, when they begin looking and feeling better after receiving bioidentical hormone pellet therapy, ask me what they can do about specific skin problems on their face, neck, decollete, arms and hands. That question inspired me to add esthetic treatements to my medical services at BioBalance Health. Today we’re going to talk about some of the different types of laser treaments which provide skin tightening and removal of spots and wrinkles, all of which can take years of your appearance.

Our laser treatment services begin with a Visia evaluation which shows six different views of your skin, revealing damage that needs to be treated with laser. You and our esthetic consultant will make a list of the treatments you need.

IPL, or intermittent pulsed light resurfacing, is like a facelift without the knife. It improves texture, tone and color of the skin. Brown spots, caused by too much time in the sun without proper protection are removed with takes years off your appeance. Just doing your face is not enough, you also need to do your hands and perhaps forearms because that’s often what people look at after they look at your face. It takes from three to six treatments of IPL, about six weeks apart.

Skin Tightening is like a radio wave with laser that heats up the skin and promotes collagen for face, neck and chest. It takes six weeks to see a difference and with repeated treatments, your skin gets progressively tighter, on the face, neck and chest. Skin tightening can also be used on the arms and abdomen. Preparation and followup requires you to stay out of the sun.

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