Lasers, JetPeel, i-Lipo and Botanical Skin Care

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BioBalance Health offers a variety of esthetic skin treatments like lasers, JetPeel, i-Lipo and Botanical Skin Care

Last week I talked about our most popular laser treatments. In this episode I’m going to cover a few more problems we solve with lasers. I’ll also talk about our JetPeel skin rejuvenation therapy, i-Lipo fat reduction and the spa-quality products I’ve developed to help men and women take great care of their skin. If you’d like to learn about skin tightening and treatment of brown spots, please watch episode 150 titled Laser Therapy.

This week we’ll start off describing more serious issues of the skin; removal of birthmarks, cafe au lait spots and tattoos; things that can affect self esteem and keep our patients from being happy and productive people.

Birthmarks are patches of darker and thicker skin on which we use the erbium laser attachment to the Q-switch handle. It goes deeper and removes all the melanin that causes the discoloration. The number of treatments for such spots vary, but you will notice the spot getting lighter and lighter with each treatment. We space these treatments out about six weeks apart.

We also offer tattoo removal. This treatment can be more painful that getting the tattoo. One drawback of tattoo removal is that most of the melanin is removed so patients will end up with a patch of skin that is lighter that surrounding skin, and it won’t tan. However, most patients who have had the tattoo removal treatment agree that a light spot on the skin is better than living with the tattoo.

I then talk about how to maintain healthy, young and fresh looking skin with JetPeel. JetPeel is a pressurized application of saline solution that exfoliates the face, neck and any area of your body. It removes dead skin and provides much-needed hydration. I also recommend it before laser treatment. JetPeel makes your skin glow and have prettier color, and it does not cause downtime like dermabrasion does. The treatment usually lasts two to four weeks. In addition to the basic saline solution infusion JetPeel provides, we can add hyaluronic‎ acid which plumps up the skin, making you look much younger. We can also add Vitamin B, E and C which helps feed your face, especially if you have sun damage, infusing them under the skin where they can be picked up by the living skin cells.

For acne we offer salicylic acid with the JetPeel, infusing aspirin and saline that kills bacteria and suctions out the oil in the acne outbreak. Redness lasts a day or two but after that, you’re skin is very clear. We treat a lot of young men for acne this way.

Then I talk about bodywork – namely i-Lipo — a laser treatment that dissolves the fat in specific areas of the body. It’s better than liposuction; less expensive and less painful. It’s most effective for the hips, abdominal fat, and just about any area that bothers you. To assure the treatment it most effective, you must be hydrated before you have the treatment and exercise before and afterwards. i-Lipo mobilizes the fat and releases it into the bloodstream. The aerobic exercise is required to metabolize the fat and allow it to be carried out of the body. i-Lipo takes eight treatments to complete. We also have a cellulite attachment that break up the fibrous tissue. My BioBalance Skin i-Lipo Cellulite Serum, helps move the fat into your lymphatic system very quickly and allows our i-Lipo treatment to be more effective that similar treatments you might receive at other spas.

My line of products includes botanical, spa-quality skin care products for women and for men. I have adapted great products from an esthetics lab and then added herbal substances to make them more effective. I developed this line because I couldn’t find products on the market that I admired, that were natural and contained herbal substances. My products have more active ingredients than you’ll find at cosmetic counters, allowing you to purchase fewer individual products and apply fewer things to your face. A great example is my Revitalizing Eye Gel, which has vitamin K to get rid of dark circles, and arnica and aloe.

Overall, we offer the most healthy and natural products available, just like our bioidentical hormone pellets, and the vitamins and supplements we sell. My goal is for all my patients to be confident and beautiful.

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